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"Please Review Check List Before Calling"
Beverage Equipment and parts are listed below for your convenience to check if they're all operating correctly before you call for service.
  CO-2 TANK Check to see if you're out of CO-2       Check the gauge on the tank. It should be in the green, if not you're out of CO-2 

  CO-2 TANK REFILL  -  Check to see if there is a washer         between the regulator and the CO-2 tank, when changing out an empty tank.

  BIB PRODUCT -  Check your BIB                            Products and make sure they're not empty and or connected improperly. 

  CARBONATOR - (Shiny Canister/Compressor.)  Check to                 be sure it's plugged into the wall outlet.  Also,check the outlet to make sure the power is on.

  COLD PLATE  -  Make sure the cold plate                   is iced down.  The soda will not taste right if the product is warm.

 H- 20 - If there is an ongoing construction in or around your facility, the water may be turned off. If this is the case, unplug the carbonator from the outlet to keep it from burning up the motor. "Thus saving you the cost of of a replacement."

  You might want to print this page and put it in the appropriate locations in your business.  It's helpful for those who are not familiar with these situations.  

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