Soda System Maintenance & Bag in Box Program

 The Monthly Maintenance Program assures that each soda fountain machine   will be SANITIZED and attended to Professionally to provide QUALITY,   INTEGRITY and EXCELLENCE for the safety of the public. 

 Quality - Each machine will have every fountain head, nozzle, defusser and   box connector sanitized, insuring 99.9% bacteria free. The Bag in Box   Product rack will be inspected and cleaned when needed. Each machine will   be labeled for the public notice with a "This unit is Professionally Sanitized   by Supreme Soda Systems" label. 

 Integrity - The CO2 pressure and the calibration of every fountain head will   be checked to maintain the INTEGRITY of each flavor on the fountain unit.

 Excellence - This is what we strive for everyday at Supreme Soda Systems.   Maintaining the highest level of confidence for the public safety and 100%   satisfaction for every one of our valued customers.

 This monthly service is provided once or twice a month. Monthly   Maintenance discounts for locations that purchase FEELGOOD CRAFT SODA   COMPANY Bag in Box products helps you save even more money.   
 Regular Price for Once a month is $55.00 or $45.00 for Feelgood Vintage 
 Bag in Box Buyers
 Regular Price for Twice a month @ $100.00 or $90.00 for Feelgood Vintage   Bag in Box Buyers


                            VINTAGE LINE
 Maintenance Program Price $45.00 per 3 Gallon Box
                              Regular Price $50.00 per 3 Gallon Box 

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